Metaphorically kickin' butt and takin' names since the day I was born.


Do you like action, do you like adventure? Did you know that those two things and reading are not mutually exclusive?

Itís true! Read on and find out how you, too, can experience the thrills of action, romance, adventure and self-deprecating humor from the comfort of your own couch, car, or doctorís waiting room. As a special bonus, you, personally, will not have to risk being shot, lit on fire, or telekinetically crushed by a dumpster in order to do so.

How, you ask? Three easy steps!

  • Step one, read the samples of my books and find one you like.
  • Step two, buy one of my books.
  • Step three, read it to be transported to a new world.


Genevieve Pearson


Having collected action figures and comic books from a young age, Genevieve always dreamed of being an action hero. When she grew up, she decided writing about them would be the next best thing.

To aid her on this quest, she attended the University of Southern California, where she got degrees in Business as well as Cinema Production. She still makes short films which the astute may be able to find when they look.

She now divides her time between Southern California and the Pacific Northwest, with a multitude of pets and a husband to keep her busy. She hopes one day to have a room big enough to show off all of her Batman toys.