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Do you like action, do you like adventure? Did you know that those two things and reading are not mutually exclusive?

Itís true! Read on and find out how you, too, can experience the thrills of action, romance, adventure and self-deprecating humor from the comfort of your own couch, car, or doctorís waiting room. As a special bonus, you, personally, will not have to risk being shot, lit on fire, or telekinetically crushed by a dumpster in order to do so.

How, you ask? Three easy steps!

  • Step one, read the samples of my books and find one you like.
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  • Step three, read it to be transported to a new world.


Chasing Power

Hidden Talents 1


ďOur top priority is your safety. Being a Talent isnít easy. Your mental abilities must be kept secret, so always think twice about using them. Powers should be used for public good, not personal profit.Ē
- N.T.U. handbook.

When business student Samantha Gibson finds herself cornered by a euro-trash Darth Vader wannabe in a dark alley, itís a nightmare end to a terrible week. Of course super powers arenít real--until someoneís using theirs to bash your head in.

It turns out that a one-in-a-million accident has caused her to catch the attention of the Talents, a group of humans with amazing abilities. And a surprising number would rather have her dead than competing with them. Samís happy to tell anyone whoíll listen to her that she doesnít actually have super powers. The problem is getting anyone to listen to her.

Enter Lane, Al, and Harry, three nerdy best friends and Talents. While their powers may not be glamorous, or even all that super, theyíre determined to do the right thing. They grab Samantha and hit the road, racing cross-country towards a group offering protection.

To independent Sam, each minute of being a damsel in distress is like an iron-spike in her foot. Itís possible that friendship and love arenít the liability she thought they were, but itís also possible that she might not live to find out. Because with stronger and stranger opposition barring their way, safe haven may be a pipe dream in a world where everyone is chasing power...