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Do you like action, do you like adventure? Did you know that those two things and reading are not mutually exclusive?

It’s true! Read on and find out how you, too, can experience the thrills of action, romance, adventure and self-deprecating humor from the comfort of your own couch, car, or doctor’s waiting room. As a special bonus, you, personally, will not have to risk being shot, lit on fire, or telekinetically crushed by a dumpster in order to do so.

How, you ask? Three easy steps!

  • Step one, read the samples of my books and find one you like.
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  • Step three, read it to be transported to a new world.



Song of the Silvertongue 2


The angels are at war. Unwilling to get their hands dirty, they use their half-breed children, the nephilim, as warriors by proxy. Imbued with a powerful song known as silvertongue, the nephilim fight in their fathers' names to save humanity... or destroy it.

“Leave town. Find me.”

Those were the last words nineteen year old Kyrie’s deadbeat father spoke to her. Exiled from her home town, Kyrie and her sole remaining friend head west to Los Angeles – because Kyrie’s absentee dad is an Angel, and where better to find one?

But rather than her father, she finds a world-weary half-brother, Cal, who needs her help. The rain won’t stop falling in normally-sunny California, a prophet is predicting doom for the city, and someone is gathering an army of half-Angel Nephilim to do their yet-as-undetermined dirty work.

There’s a steep learning curve to being a Nephilim. Cal is Kyrie’s only hope at survival, and she’s his only ally in unraveling a conspiracy that stretches from Hollywood and Highland to the PCH. Yet even as she attempts to balance old loyalties and new, guilt over past mistakes threatens to drag her under. And if she can’t keep her head above water, Kyrie will drown with the city she is trying to save.