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Do you like action, do you like adventure? Did you know that those two things and reading are not mutually exclusive?

Itís true! Read on and find out how you, too, can experience the thrills of action, romance, adventure and self-deprecating humor from the comfort of your own couch, car, or doctorís waiting room. As a special bonus, you, personally, will not have to risk being shot, lit on fire, or telekinetically crushed by a dumpster in order to do so.

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Song of the Silvertongue 1

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The angels are at war. Unwilling to get their hands dirty, they use their half-breed children, the nephilim, as warriors by proxy. Imbued with a powerful song known as silvertongue, the nephilim fight in their fathers' names to save humanity... or destroy it.

Stuck working as a super-store greeter while she attends community college, Kyrie canít wait to escape her tiny West Texas hometown. Until one day when the Four Hipsters of the Apocalypse show up looking for her best friend and everything goes to hell in a hand basket. More literally than figuratively.

Dealing with a rain of frogs (or maybe technically toads), middle-schoolers plagued with a mysterious ailment (will anyone really miss them?), and an ex-boyfriend maybe more bad then good (seriously, dude is taking the mysterious thing too far), Kyrie must rally to fight for the survival of the small town she hates so dearly, and fast. Because she has a place in the war between heaven and earth, and the End of Days is only the beginning.